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Migrant churches in the Netherlands are usually not very visible in public discourse, even though the number of Christian migrants equals the number of Muslim migrants (around 5 %). Academic attention for this large group is rather limited, but their impact on the changing face of Christianity in the Netherlands should not be underestimated. 

At the Center for Theology of Migration, we are interested in the role of migrant churches and Christianity practiced by migrants in western societies, and particularly in the Netherlands. 

The Center For Theology of Migration is dedicated to support the migrant churches through academic research and education and to make the voice of diaspora Christianity engage in academic discourse. The experiences and perspectives of non-western diaspora Christians challenge the taken-for-granted views of traditional white churches and Christians in Europe. 

Researching and Writing

Current Research

‘Migrant churches, Christian therapeutic organizations and mental health care for Christian migrants in the Netherlands’ -- In what ways can migrant churches and Christian therapeutic organizations help improve mental health care for (Christian) migrants?

Researcher: Dr. Danielle Philips-Koning 

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